Seven Myths about Education – available in March 2014

My book, Seven Myths about Education, was published as an ebook on 18th June 2013 by The Curriculum Centre. It was then picked up by Routledge, who are going to publish it as a hard copy and an ebook on March 5th 2014. Until then it is not available either as an ebook or a book.

There are a couple of new additions to this version. There are some slight alterations to chapter two, and, more significantly, forewords by E.D. Hirsch and Dylan Wiliam.

There’s a nice review of it here by Joe Kirby.

Before publication I wrote a short summary of each chapter. Here they are.



7 thoughts on “Seven Myths about Education – available in March 2014

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  2. OrangeMath

    Ms Christodoulou’s is very knowledgeable. If I can add my two bits. She shied away from aesthetic rationals that motivates elites (See the brilliant “Seeing Like a State” by Prof. James Scott) and a key support: “general heuristics cannot be taught,” which greatly undermines the myths.

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