Research Ed 2017

This was the fifth national Research Ed conference, and in my mind they’ve started becoming a bit like FA Cup Finals or Christmas – recurring events that start to blur into one. “Oh, South Hampstead – was that the one where Ben Riley from Deans for Impact visited and it all kicked off about grammars?” […]

Feedback and English mocks

You can also read this post on the No More Marking blog. In the previous few posts, I’ve looked at the workload generated by traditional English mock marking, and at the low reliability, and I’ve suggested that comparative judgement can produce more reliable results and take less time. However, one question I frequently get about […]

Workload and English mocks

You can also read this post on the No More Marking blog here. Last weekend, I posted a question to English teachers on Twitter. English teachers: how long does it take you to mark one English Language GCSE paper? — Daisy Christodoulou (@daisychristo) July 15, 2017 Most of the answers were in the range of […]

Life after Levels: Five years on

Exactly five years ago, the government announced that national curriculum levels would be removed – and not replaced. Here’s a quick guide to some of my life after levels blog posts from the last five years. It was definitely a good thing to abolish levels. As I argued here, here and here, they didn’t give […]

Five ways you can make the primary writing moderation process less stressful

The primary interim frameworks are now in their second year, and their inconsistencies have been well-documented. Education Datalab have shown that last year there were inconsistencies between local authorities, while more recently the TES published an article revealing that many writing moderators were unable to correctly assess specimen portfolios. Here are five ways to help […]

About this blog

About me – Daisy Christodoulou I’m the Director of Education at No More Marking. We provide online comparative judgement software for schools. Before joining No More Marking, I was Head of Assessment at Ark Schools, a group of academy schools in the UK. Before that, I was a secondary English teacher. You can read more […]